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The South African Jockey Academy is the only institution in South Africa that offers youth an academic and practical apprentice programme to qualify as professional jockeys.

Well known and highly acclaimed worldwide this jockey academy is situated in Summerveld, a state of the art horse training facility outside of Durban, that is run by Gold Circle and boasts a rich history.

Established in 1958 the South African Jockey Academy has grown from strength to strength in producing leading jockeys, many of whom have gone on to receive top honours internationally.

The South African Jockey Academy has satellite campuses in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. There is also an academy based in Gauteng that is funded and administered by The Racing Trust.

Apprentices begin their initial training in at the Academy situated at Summerveld near Durban and are fed through to the other three training centres once they competent at riding in races.

Many international racing clubs and jurisdictions look to SAJA for training of their apprentices as our quality of training is rated as one of the best in the world.



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