About South African Jockey Academy

The South African Jockey Academy is the only institution in South Africa that offers youth an academic, experiential and practical learning programme, including the National Certificate Equine Studies Qualification: 71491 (NQF LEVEL 2) to qualify as a professional jockey.

Well-resourced with modern training facilities, and an experienced, dedicated and motivated staff, this highly internationally acclaimed jockey academy is situated in Summerveld, a state of the art horse training facility outside of Durban, that is run by Gold Circle and boasts a rich history.

Established in 1958 the South African Jockey Academy has a wealth of experience and has been educating and training professional jockeys over the last 62 years and has produced no less than 13 Champion Jockeys in 6 countries other than our own annual South African Champion Jockey.

The Countries where graduates of the South African Jockey Academy have been Champion Jockey are Mauritius where there has been no less than 10 champion jockeys, Jeffrey Lloyd in Australia, Barend Vorster and Mark Du Plessis in Singapore, Mark Khan and Gavin Van Zyl in Macau, Michael (Muis) Roberts in the UK and Bartie Leisher, Robert Fradd, Basil Marcus (7 times) and Douglas Whyte (13 Times) Champion Jockey of Hong Kong.

The South African Jockey Academy has embraced the 21st Century technology available to it and through a scientific approach and the use of technology has moved the training of a professional jockey into the realms of elite sportsmen and women. Through the process of continual development, learning and understanding, the staff of the South African Jockey Academy are continually focusing on the needs and demands required of the jockey as an elite athlete.


An international center of excellence for the development, education and training of professional jockeys for thoroughbred horseracing.


In an environment of courage and integrity, hard work and responsibility, we aim to produce leading international jockeys of excellence who are academically well rounded and equipped with skills for life.


Courage; Dedication; Health and Fitness; Honesty; Integrity; Mutual Respect; Professionalism; Research; Sports; Science.